Grumpy Cat and Friends at Just for Cats Video Festival Fundraiser

Joelle Morin and Atchoum the cat. Joelle Morin and Atchoum the cat.

People who don’t like cute cat videos need to get off the internet.

People who do should get to the Just for Cats (GRIFF) fundraiser taking place at new public cultural space, Place Shamrock (between St. Dominique and Casgrain). On a big screen in the glorious outdoors, much loved cat videos will run for 75 minutes.

Grumpy cat, the cat who rides the roomba, Keyboard cat, and many others will make your night a better night. Also, there’s a cat sponsor, Atchoum, a Persian cat with a hair condition that makes him look werewolfy. He’s super cute anyway.

The event is free, but after watching all these videos, one hopes you will be tempted to donate to the SPCA and the CFHS (the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies).

Some videos you might see…

Cat in Shark Costume on a Roomba

The OMG cat.

Keyboard Cat

Talking Cats


Sad Cat Diary

Grumpy Cat

The Just for Cats Video Festival takes place on August 8 at Place Shamrock (Casgrain and ST. Dominique). Festival starts at 3 p.m., videos start at 7:30 p.m. free.

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