Hard Rock Tuesday’s: Vans Warped Tour

2014 Vans Warped Tour is one of the most evolved festivals I can think of, If you haven’t already heard of it, it’s a wicked touring festival that takes place throughout the summer. This year it kicked off on June 13th in Houston, Texas and will continue on until August 23rd where it ends in Denver, Colorado.


Since its start back in 1994 by founder Kevin Lyman, who came up with the idea while working on skateboarding shows that included music with skateboarding contests, he has really taken the festival to move along with the ever changing times we continuously face, head on and not just musically but also environmentally and ethically.

The tour originally began showcasing punk rock music, but has since, evolved to featuring more diverse genres including ska, pop, screamo, reggae, metalcore, and alternative rock. Warped started as a US based festival but has now grown internationally and includes venues in Australia, Japan, Europe, Canada and the US.


2006 was the start of the Warped Eco Initiative. Now, the tour uses biodiesel to fuel the buses, since starting this initiative, the tour has reduced petroleum by an outstanding 30%. It also has a solar stage that usually host 8–10 performers per show. The catering on the warped tour has converted to use washable dishes. They also use compostable corn, and potato-starch take out boxes, and on top of that they also give prizes to kids who volunteer to help recycle which is just awesome!


One of the most exciting changes I find to the ever evolving Vans Warped Tour started off in 2013, Kevin Lyman created an “Adult Care Day.” It allows parents into the tour for free an idea he came up with mainly because of the fact that year after year the audience members seem to get younger and younger. This newest change to the festival can and I’m sure does really set the parents minds at ease plus, the bonus is they get to see a kick ass show for free! While at the venue be sure to check out some of they’re sponsors tents among them are some really great causes like, PETA, Heart Support, Action for Animals and Invisible Children.

Every show has a different approach to how it will be set up, each venue is different and therefore; has individual layouts, which take place at outdoor venues like parking lots, fields, parks, etc. There is up to 100 bands playing throughout the day, some of the bands in the lineup this year are Yellow Card, We the Kings, Less than Jake, Parkway Drive, The Maine just to name a few. Every year there is a designated “BBQ band” which in exchange for the opportunity to play in the festival are given the chance to prepare the BBQ for the bands and crews most evenings.


After a two year absence from Montreal, Vans Warped Tour is returning on Saturday July 5th to Montreal playing at Parc Jean-Drapeau tickets are $49.25 in advance and $50 the day of the show and starts at 11 am. Just remember to stay cool, eat,hydrate, find one of the misting stations the festival has to offer at the venue and Rock on!


“I think music itself is healing. It’s and explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”- Billy Joel