Heyrocco’s Teenage Movie Soundtrack will make you cry and laugh at your teenage self

Heyrocco, Teenage Movie Soundtrack. Dine Alone Records Heyrocco, Teenage Movie Soundtrack. Dine Alone Records

This time, Dine Alone Records announces Teenage Movie Soundtrack, Heyrocco’s new pop punk and 90s-inspired album.

Nathan Merli (guitar, vocals), Tanner Cooper (drums), and Chris Cool (bass), before starting their offical career as the South Carolina band “Heyrocco,” used to jam in their parents’ garage about five years ago. Dropping out of school would only bring them closer to their dream as they ended up touring across the US & UK. They are now presenting you with their debut album, which sounds very similar to Simple Plan, although angstier, in an ironic and playful fashion that could almost be qualified as parody, but not quite.

Teenage Movie Soundtrack, in a dark kind of funny way, “spurts out” all your high school clichés and teenage drama, and splits them by theme in ten songs, but you still can’t get around digging it!

Teenage Movie Soundtrack. Heyrocco. album cover

Teenage Movie Soundtrack. Heyrocco. album cover

It is the kind of music that’s likely to make you think of the disastrous after-prom and sex-driven parties you wish you’d enjoyed a little more, the ones you wish you’d missed, and all those awful people you’re happy to leave in the past… but hey, clichés can be funny, especially when every generation can relate to them, no matter how grunge the music.

I can’t call the album out on its immature and pessimistic view on high school life, since it was intended as such, and not as a side mood. In a rather provocative way, it serves many purposes of which one is to make you laugh at yourself, because chances are “you are in loser denial,” or have been at one time or another, like most of us. So the good news is the laughter part is inclusive:

Although I don’t believe anyone avoids the “shaming” aspect of it, it will help the high school kid in you vent one or two past frustrations like, “Everyone I knew back in highschool / Everyone’s a horny jerk,” in the song “Virgin,” or, “I find it hard to still have fun with who i’m hanging around,” and then later, “I’d rather be dead than fit in,” in “Loser Denial.”

Focusing on themes that most of us are familiar with, like the inability to have fun, first loves and fake socialisation, it all comes down to how hard it is to be a loser, a hater, to try and be cool, to fit in, and ultimately, to be young! Teenage Movie Soundtrack is effective at reminding us of ridiculous scars that we thought were no big deal. But the one “cute” song of the album is definitly “Melt,” which like every love song about relationships that don’t work out, is the kind that we’d listen to when it rained and we felt like nothing would ever hurt as much as the loss of our teenage dream:

The LP will be released via Dine Alone Records on July 10, 2015