Meet Quebec’s funniest Franco-Anglo-Irish Man

Derek Seguin in Calgary Derek Seguin in Calgary

Thursday March 13th at the Comedy Nest gather comedians — Franco Taddeo, Darren Henwood, Peter Radomski, Chantal Desjardins and headliner of the St. Patty’s weekend Derek Seguin.

Franco Taddeo, the evening’s host started the night on a slightly nervous-looking note. However by the end of the evening the comedian of Italian descent was telling what could have been his funniest joke: how to recognize someone who is in the mafia. If you are asking yourself how, well perhaps you might be lucky enough and catch Franco performing again! One of Franco’s improv jokes put a mother-daughter duo in an uncomfortable position because comedian suggested looking at their breasts, and to put it frankly, some family members shouldn’t appear in the same sentence.

Special guest Scottish man, Darren Henwood, entertained the crowd with his flamboyant, hipsterish and slightly arrogant style. He told a spectator whose table was practically stuck to the stage to take his foot off the stage since he’s not in showbiz (not a very tactful joke). Mostly, his comedy touched on his arrival in Canada and his experience with the border agents as well as political issues around referendums. Darren had the look of an indie-rock pop star. His energy was fresh and his accent charming. He is one comedian to be keep an eye on in the following years.

The small, square-figured and teacher-esque Peter Radomski was very aware of the advantage of being a comedian who is able to laugh at himself. He was very humorous and entertained the crowd with daily Canadian topics such as our harsh cold winter and the amount of salt and rocks that we have on the streets, as well as the beauty of women from Montreal and how he has difficulty with them.

Among the local comedians could also be seen the energetic Chantal Desjardins with her explicit coverage of waxing. Gentlemen, if you don’t know much about Brazilian waxing, Chantal will give you an A-to-Z explanation of how it works. Ladies, this is not the ideal joke to hear on your first date because your partner will know that you are in fact hairy!

For St. Patrick’s weekend, Franco-Anglo-Irish man, headliner Derek Seguin entertained the crowd well. Derek was already under the influence of St. Pat’s the moment he stepped on stage, and his show continued to flow smoothly! As he previously mentioned in this interview, he maintains a mostly one-way relationship with his audience, except when spectators start voicing obnoxious demands for dirty jokes. No surprise — they did on Thursday night. Fortunately, Derek, had the elegance not to let the altercation with these unpleasant members of the crowd steal the show. He also delivered one of his long-story jokes about banned ingredients from his kids’ bake sale.

Derek Seguin headlines at the Comedy Nest (2313 St. Catherine West) with guests on March 13-15. Shows at 8 p.m. (Thurs-Sat) and 10:30 p.m (Sat-Sun). $6/10/12/15.

He can also be seen at the “So You Think You’re Bilingual Show” on March 30th and the “Pre-Election Comedy Show” on April 6th, also at the Comedy Nest (2313 St. Catherine W).