Ottawa Comiccon: Interview with a Cosplayer

Image created by Spider_Inferno Image created by Spider_Inferno

Spider_Inferno, who has been dressing up as his favourite comic book character Spider-Man for many years, has made an appearance in previous comic conventions such as Fan Expo Canada and New York Comic Con. I had the chance to meet up with him at Ottawa Comiccon, and he was nice enough to allow me to quickly interview him about his love and passion for the beloved web-slinger.

Image created by Spider_Inferno

Image created by Spider_Inferno

Steven Lee (SL): So I know you like the character of Spider-Man, but what’s the main reason you love him so much?

Spider_Inferno (S): So actually, funny story, I started off loving Batman more than Spider-Man. And my father used to take me when I was five years old to the comic book store every Sunday, and he got me a huge Batman collection. But one day, I got Amazing Spider-Man #316, and it was a Todd Macfarlane drawn Spider-Man. And as soon as I read that comic, I was hooked. I went immediately to buy all of Todd Macfarlane’s run of Amazing Spider-Man. From there, I just bought every Spider-Man comic I could get my hands on and I became a huge fan. I think I was immediately drawn more to Spider-Man because of Peter Parker and how I relate to him much more than Batman.

SL: I guess that’s the main reason people love Spider-Man/Peter Parker so much, because he’s so relatable as a character who has everyday problems like us. Was that something that fascinated you?

S: When I started reading Spider-Man, I was in grade 5 or 6. I started collecting when I was in grade 6 headed to high school, and I read all of Peter Parker’s stories. The whole “with great power comes great responsibility” thing is something that I always used as a life motto. I liked the fact that he’s vulnerable, I liked the fact that he’s a geek, and I liked the fact that he embraces who he is and his alter-ego, Spider-Man. I felt the same way as he does.

SL: He’s not only popular in comic books, but he’s also super popular in movies. Comic book characters in cinema, guys like Iron Man, Batman, and especially Spider-Man, have had a lot of films lately. This might be divisive for some people, but who’s your favourite incarnation of Spider-Man? Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, or Tobey Maguire?

Tom Holland as Spiderman (image via

Tom Holland as Spiderman (image via

S: Tom Holland is the most accurate portrayal of Spider-Man. I think one of the reasons why I think so is that the Ultimate Spider-Man comic was a very good starting point for a lot of people to get into Spider-Man, and Tom Holland is the epitome of the Ultimate Spider-Man. To me, that’s kinda like what today’s generation of Spider-Man should be and should have been like, and Tom Holland represents that version of Spider-Man perfectly. Therefore, Tom Holland is the best, but Spider-Man 2 with Tobey Maguire still has a place in my heart a little above Spider-Man: Homecoming as the best Spider-Man movie. Does that mean he’s the best Spider-Man? No, but Tom Holland to me was.

SL: And since we’re here at Ottawa Comiccon, are you having a blast?

S: Of course! This is actually my 7th year coming to Ottawa Comiccon. Since this convention started, I was here.

SL: This is a tough one, but Avengers: Infinity War… What was your reaction to Spider-Man’s last scene in the movie?

S: So I mean, a lot of people are sad and whatever, but Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 was already in progress. I knew he wasn’t gonna die. I was sad to the point that Peter was vulnerable like that and begging for his life. Spoiler alert, by the way. It was very difficult to watch, but on the other hand, I read the comic and know that people disappear. Actually, Spider-Man didn’t disappear in the comic. But anyway, you know they’re all coming back and I guarantee you that he’ll probably be back in Avengers 4 along with all the other characters. I wasn’t that sad, but it was a good ending. I think the Loki death was a lot more sad for me.

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