Reasons to See Date Night at Just For Laughs

Date Night at Club Soda. Photo by Robyn Homeniuk Date Night at Club Soda. Photo by Robyn Homeniuk

One of the only “problems” that a festival as big as Just For Laughs has is deciding which paid events to go and see. You probably won’t go to all of them – unless you’ve got unlimited cash and time. As a part of the National Bank series Date Night: The Relationship Show is certainly one to check out if the following things appeal to you: multiple hilarious comedians in one show, jokes about dating, jokes about parenting, jokes about marriage and some topical jokes about being an asshole. This show is good all-around and is definitely worth the price of admission.

Hosted by Godfrey, he keeps you laughing between the other comedians with some really good quips about modern life. He was a good way to start both halves of the show and did some great audience-warming exercises. The show definitely wouldn’t have been as good without him to say the least.



The first of four comedians to take the stage at Club Soda was Joe Matarese. One of the things I love when I watch comedians is how they interact with the audience – especially from the safety of my second floor perch. With a bit of a touchy start – an audience member yelling “Fuck You” – Matarese recovered and got the audience back on his side easily. Most of his set focused on the relationships of parenting and married life, which was thoroughly enjoyable. He was very funny and definitely received many laughs from the crowd.

Next on stage was John Heffron, who had some of the similar struggles to Matarese: he was also married. With some very hilarious jokes about a blender to start, he kept the crowd laughing for quite a while. Heffron urged the younger and non-married audience members to play close attention to his set because his problems will likely become our problems in the future. After likening tums to condoms, in a way I won’t expose, I feel ready to give him a seal of approval – definitely funny.

After the short intermission, Lynne Koplitz took to the stage. She started fantastically by reminding the audience that food = good and men = simple. She was able to teach the audience a lot in her set, while maintaining a good level of hilarity. I won’t reveal them here, but she gave the ladies of the club three key ingredients to having a successful relationship with a guy. All of which seemed very true and she presented them in a very hilarious way.

To finish off the night, Orny Adams took to the stage. He definitely had the most aerobic set of the night, and I don’t know if this made him funnier but it worked for me. Being on the non-marred side of the relationship game, he gave some serious insight as to why being in a relationship kinda sucks. Adams was very funny – I almost cried due to laughter if that’s any indication.

So if you’re into laughing about relationships and their problem, this comedy all-star packed evening is definitely worth checking out while it’s in town. You can get your tickets here.

Godfrey’s Date Night: The Relationship Show takes place July 25 at Metropolis at 7 p.m. and July 26 at Club Soda at 9:30 p.m. Tickets $43-62.