Review of Frisky Kids Show at Divan Orange: It was a Frisky Evening!

Frisky Kids. Live Photo 1 Frisky Kids. Live Photo 1

While they were fashionably late opening for the Beaches and the Mohrs, the Frisky Kids lived up to their name with a tight, catchy, quick paced set last Thursday night at the Divan Orange. Don’t let their polite, button up shirt demeanor fool you; these guys don’t waste your time with a beach boy sing-along. Instead, they really cut loose with hooky retro rock tunes, groovy bass lines, falsetto and harmonies. These guys mean frisky business.

Wearing their guitars up on their chests their old school, good boy looks come across fitting for the group and their music. Finishing every song with a “Thank-you very much,” their politeness even extended to the doorman Gabe whom they exclaimed was, “a wonderful friend.” But between brief pleasantries the boys blasted us with all originals including On My Own. The bass line in that song grooves me to death and the simplicity of the track, common across all their music, is tasteful and smart. It makes each instrument in the three piece heard and leaves us bobbing our heads to a song we can sing along to.

Another of their catchiest tunes they played was their track Enchanté. This song comes complete with a homemade music video you can find on YouTube featuring the guys in the shower, Matisse shaving his legs, and a dancing chicken. The humour and energy in the video and recording definitely comes across in live performance. It’s nice to see young players who are newer to the music business know their strengths enough not to overstep their abilities. The result is a group that comes across professional and sounding good. Nothing’s worse than knowing a band through their recordings and being let down by seeing them live. It seems these guys are off to a good start that way.


Frisky Kids. Live Photo 2.

Frisky Kids. Live Photo 2.


With a youthful, playful mix of a Beatles and Stones like vibe about them the Frisky Kids really manage to pull off their whole vision. They don’t take themselves too seriously but they definitely take the stage with the intention to rock us even if only as openers with a 30-minute set. I liked their play with tempos and one song in 6/8 time was refreshing to the ear. They seem to have a good, simple balance between melody, harmony, sophistication, and good ol’ rock-and-roll.

All in all the boys ripped through a super engaging set that ended all too quickly and even attracted two lone standing headbangers to the edge of the stage by the set’s abrupt end. Something’s to be said about a band that doesn’t keep you waiting between songs. Like a Ramone’s set, people have places to be so don’t waste their time. I think it was worth everyone’s 30 minutes. These guys definitely have something really put together, a full package deal. I was impressed and thoroughly rocked and entertained.

The Frisky Kids opened for The Beaches and The Mohrs at Divan Orange (4234 St. Laurent) on December 4. You can read our review with them HERE.

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