Review of Steve-O’s Bucket List : Wilder and More Graphic

Steve-O Steve-O

Just when you thought he couldn’t get any wilder, Steve-O is back with his Bucket List tour. A collection of over-the-top stunts that he’s always wanted to do but for whatever (and probably very good) reason, he never has, the Bucket List features stunts even more spectacular than those in the Jackass movies. Filmed over the last two years, the stunts range from jumping out of a plane with a guy strapped to his back while ejaculating, to blowing up his living room, with him in it.

During his recent Just For Laughs show, Steve-O screened his Bucket List stunts, with stand-up bits in between during which he explained in great detail the hilarious and truly unimaginable feats we would then see on the big screen. This back and forth between stand-up and stunts continued throughout the whole show, which concluded with a meet-and-greet with the entire audience.

Steve-O opened his show with a very serious statement. “I’m in a really fucked up situation guys… I’m Steve-O in my forties.” He talked about how he has no intention of retiring from Jackass-style stunts. He also talked about his fiancé, Lux, who embraces Steve-O’s crazy stunts even more than some of his Jackass pals. Their love story was a big theme throughout the show, and Lux appears in several of the stunts. In the first one, Steve-O wanted to see what would happen when “shit literally hit the fan.” While he casually carried out this experiment in his backyard, with an industrial-strength fan under him pointed up, Dave England from Jackass ran away from the projectile feces. His fiancé, filming, simply moved in closer to get a better shot. Steve-O said that at that moment, he knew she was the one.

We were then taken on a roller-coaster of stunts. From the “General Anaesthesia Challenge” to “Sky Jacking,” these were not for the faint of heart. The audience gasped while viewing his stunts and laughed hysterically throughout his stand-up. This back and forth between stand-up and stunts blended perfectly and made for a unique and unforgettable show. The audience was also very fond of Wendy, Steve-O’s dog that he brought on stage for a few minutes to do some tricks. She was previously a street dog in Peru, as he explained, until he fell in love with her there and brought her back home. A vegan and animal activist, he also talked about his ambitions to open an animal shelter.

At the end of the show, Steve-O stated that he would not be leaving until he took a picture with every single audience member and thanked them personally for coming to the show. This was at Olympia theatre, which can accommodate up to 1,282 people. While we all expected the wild stunts, it was hard to predict this level of dedication to his fans and his passion for animal rights that ended up being highlights of the show. And the stunts themselves weren’t that easy to foresee either. To those of us who thought they would not be much more wild and graphic than the Jackass movies… we were sorely mistaken.

Steve-O performed as part of Just For Laughs 2019. For more details on the festival, click HERE.