Review of Tag: The schoolyard game gone largescale


Tag has the strangest premise ever for a movie, but the weird thing is that it actually happened. It’s based on a true story published by The Wall Street Journal about a group of friends who’ve been playing a game of tag for many years. One of the guys named Jerry has never been “it”, so the rest of the gang wants to tag him and break his long record of never being “it” his whole life. The concept of the film sounds very odd and stupid, but it’s actually a lot of fun. In fact, it’s quite hilarious!

First of all, the cast completely crushes it! The main actors do a great job, and they all add something to the comedy. Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Jake Johnson and Hannibal Buress each had their funny moments. However, Jeremy Renner is the one who steals every scene he’s in. He’s not really known for being comedic, but he sure is funny in this movie! You can’t help but smile whenever you see these guys on screen as they all have great chemistry with each other. You can tell they all had fun on set, and it shows! Sadly, Isla Fisher and Annabelle Wallis’ characters were just left in the background, which made them quite forgettable. Even if the movie is hysterical and stupid, it’s also surprisingly heartwarming. Embracing our childhood is something we all relate to and it allows the audience to connect with the main characters. It’s a nice film about friendship, and it shows that aspect really well.



While the cast is undeniably the best part, there are some problems. One noticeable flaw in comedies is that they’re predictable. From beginning to end, there’s no surprise whatsoever, and that’s kind of a bummer. The premise doesn’t give anything away, because it’s pretty self-explanatory. There’s nothing more you can do about a movie that revolves around a game of tag. Also, some scenes felt a little underdeveloped and choppy, as they didn’t do anything to flesh out the characters. Since the execution is noticeably straightforward at times, it’s rather commendable that the filmmakers know you’re not supposed to take it so seriously.

Tag is one of the biggest surprises of the year! They took a very simple premise and turned it into a hilarious comedy about friends who have played this game for 30 years. If you’re expecting a deep movie about tag, this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for some good laughs and heartfelt moments, it does deliver. It’s still crazy to know that this actually happened.

Tag is now playing in theatres.

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