Say Yes to Eggs and Music with Yes/No Toaster Brunch

Laurence Anne Laurence Anne

Text by Jasmine Soucy

Like any good Montrealer, do you sometimes find yourself experiencing that ever-nagging weekend-angst to find a new twist on Sunday brunch? Or, heaven forbid, are you perhaps one of those unfortunate souls caught with the graveyard shift all weekend and are already feeling the tendrils of FOMO threatening your usual nightlife anticipation?

Well, despair not! Which ever one of these scenarios hits closest to home for you this weekend, Indie Montreal in collaboration with Festival Vue sur la Relève, have you covered with their third Edition of Yes No Toaster – the Brunch Concerts.

Yes No Toaster Poster

To those not (yet) in the know, Yes No Toaster is a series of shows combining live music in the form of awesome up-and-coming bands with, you guessed it, an equally awesome brunch service brought to you by up-and-coming chefs. And all at your friendly neighbourhood Divan Orange. This is the event that lets you enjoy your very necessary Sunday morning brunch routine in a strangely exciting new setting, all with new artistic talent that will be the subject of many an anecdote well into your work week!

Yes No Toaster #3 brings you the hauntingly beautiful musical presence that is Laurence-Anne with a scrumptuously ecclectic brunch menu that will send any late-morning epicurean into a frenzy. A few suggested musical-foodie “pairings” would perhaps be Laurence-Anne’s dreamy Si La Lune enjoyed with main course Le Doré – French Toast with caramelized apples, maple syrup, cinnamon and crème champêtre (obviously). Sound appetizing? Then hurry and reserve your tickets, because seats are going fast!

Yes No Toaster Menu

Treat your much deserving ears and tastebuds while giving back to the artistic and culinary communities!

Yes/No Toaster Brunch Concerts with Laurence-Anne is being done in collaboration with Vue sur la Relève on April 10 at Divan Orange (4234 St. Laurent). Doors open at noon and the show starts at 1 p.m. Click for tickets