Three picks at Just For Laughs

Randy Feltface- Alien of Extraordinary Ability

Randy Feltface is puppeteered by the very charming Heath McIvor of Australia. Randy who has been coined as the world’s most entertaining human is ready to take you into his supernatural world with his cheeky jabs and wit. Although he is a not a human being we hear about the qualms Randy has with topics such as social issues, boomers, and marriage. Don’t let his cute purple face fool you however as he’s got some bite!

McIvor has impressively provided puppetry for The Hobbit and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe as well as performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and has won The Age Critics award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Feltface will also be a part of The Patton Oswalt Gala.

Atsuko Okatsuka- The Intruder

Atsuko Okatsuka who you may recognize from The Late Late Show with James Corden is based in LA. Notable collaborators she has worked with are Chelsea Handler, Eric Andre, and Tig Notaro. She is also known as the inventor of the viral drop challenge on TikTok which has garnered millions of views from different renditions using Beyonce’s song “Yoncé”.

Okatsuka is of Taiwanese and Japanese descent and grew up with a mother who has schizophrenia. Her household was very traditional and something like being a jokester was not exactly applauded.

Okatsuka has come to realize that her unconventional upbringing with her mixed background in the melting pot of America may be the perfect recipe for her to deal with a home invasion in her show The Intruder. You can also catch her in Chelsea Handler’s gala.  

Sklar Brothers- The Alternative Show  

The Sklar Brothers, or Jason and Randy Sklar who have appeared in many highly acclaimed television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Better Call Saul, and Curb Your Enthusiasm have a variety of different shows in this year’s Just for Laughs festival. First we have The Alternative Show which is a great way for comics to do less than conventional material and have a space to really try something new without being at mercy of  the status quo. Then we have Tag It! where the Sklar twins use their twin connection as fuel but not a crutch to deliver their witty banter. The brothers will also be a gala guest with comedian and podcaster Marc Maron.

The Sklar brothers also have a new show coming this week to UFC’s Fight Pass called “The Nosebleeds” where they will be doing commentaries à la “Most Extreme Elimination” style while watching UFC matches.

All three shows are part of Just For Laughs, which ends July 31. Click here to get the various show times and dates and get laughing before it’s over!