What to Do in Montreal in June Festivals and Events

Alexandraplatz. Marche de Nuit. Photo Victoria Shinkaruk. Alexandraplatz. Marche de Nuit. Photo Victoria Shinkaruk.

Hey Quantum physicists, let’s get going on that law of superposition. I’m double booked this month… no quadruple booked… and need to be in many places at once. So will you, because the June festival calendar for Montreal is insane.

Piknic Electronik

Louisahhh. Piknic Electronik. Photo Lili Hudecova.

Louisahhh. Piknic Electronik. Photo Lili Hudecova.

Sundays, Until September 24, 2017

Parc Jean Drapeau

DJs from around the world perform for the Sunday crowds who want to bliss out in the sunshine and on into the evening. June DJ headliners include Prins Thomas, Ardalan B2B Christian Martin, and Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts. Not bad for a way to party your way into Monday. Click HERE for details.


May 25 to June 8 2017

When dance met theatre, we got the Festival TransAmériques. This festival invites an international roster of performance groups to the city and combining them with select local ones. Some Home for the Bastards, bang bang, and Wycinka Holzfallen — Woodcutters are some of the events for June. Tickets and schedule HERE.

Festival Go Vélo

Bixi Bikes. Photo Rachel levine

Bixi Bikes. Photo Rachel levine

May 28 to June 4 2017

Put your pedal to the metal with Montreal’s celebration of two wheels (and sometimes three and sometimes one). The Festival Go Vélo’s highlights provide the opportunity to bike the island with hundreds of others. The Tour la Nuit allows for a night bike through a predetermined route (June 2) while the Tour de L’Ile (June 4) offers multiple routes ranging from 30 km to 50 km, and a special 50 km express for those who want to hustle their way along. All details HERE. 

Festival des Arts Vivants/OFFTA

May 30 to June 8 2017

This year’s OFFTA includes four special events, 16 shows and performances, and ten satellite activities. The opening starts at Monument National with a cinq à sept, and ten days of theatre, dance, and other interdisciplinary arts follow. The Indigenous Contemporary Scene teams up for public art interventions. The festival ends with its MixOFF, that allows artists to work together on a project. Information, schedule, and tickets HERE. 

Montreal St. Ambroise Fringe Festival

Beaver Dream. Fringe For All 2016. Photo Rachel Levine

Beaver Dream. Fringe For All 2016. Photo Rachel Levine

May 29 to June 18 2017

Don’t take our word for it. Find out for yourself why this is the most exciting theatre festival in the city. Local comedians, actors, dancers, magicians, clowns, improvisers, and performers join those from further afield (some of whom who do nothing but perform in Fringe Festivals around the world) to stage productions that clock in at around an hour or less. Many types of passes are available and the vibe is unbelievable in this happy mish-mash of crazy goodness and questionable weirdness. Art, music, and other events are generally part of this festival too. Information HERE. 

Pavé Poesie

May 29 to June 4 2017

Rue Mt. Royal

Let the poetry into your heart. Mt. Royal transforms itself into a giant chapbook for Pavé Poesie. Readings under the big tent, a slam competition, books of poetry for sale, and plenty of events are planned. Clémence Dumas‑Côté, Gabriel Robichaud and Émilie Turmel are performing. See HERE for details.

Suoni per Il Popolo

Casa del Popolo. Suoni il Popolo posters. Photo Rachel Levine

Casa del Popolo. Suoni il Popolo posters. Photo Rachel Levine

June 1 to June 21 2017

Sala Rossa, Casa del Popolo, La Vitrola, and more

Because of solid ongoing eclectic local programming at these venues, it’s sometimes a little hard to figure out when this annual music festival starts. However, during the course of the festival there is an emphasis on experimental, ambient, free form and lo-fi music. A further focus is put on Canada, and more specifically Montreal. In addition to music, there is a film series and other performers who are included in the programming. Tickets for all shows can be found HERE.

La Fête des Restos

June 5, 2017

Terrasses Bonsecours

Everyone knows that Montreal’s food scene is where it’s at. Get a chance to sample 12 different restaurants for a very affordable $35. Among those participating are Sho-Dan, TasteItaly, Maggie Oakes, and Lola Rosa. Details HERE.

La Fête Foraine

June 7 to June 9 2017

Circuses and fairs go together like popcorn and butter. TOHU hosts a fair with rides, games, cotton candy, clowns, and the rest. Free. Info HERE.  

Festival Grand Prix Sur Crescent

June 8 to June 10, 2017

Crescent Street

Most Montrealers claim to stay far away from this bash that takes over Crescent for a three day bros and hos display. If vaping, Red Bull, getting pumped, and checking out sports cars is your thing, I know where to find you.  Info HERE.

La Franco Follies

June 8 to June 18 2017

It’s not a comedy festival (it’s not foolies!), but a music one. Place des Arts and some major performance venues open their doors to those who chanter en français! There are plenty of free shows as well. This year, check out Les Trois Accords, Pierre Kwenders, Les Dales Hawerchuk, 2Freres, Shash’U, and Karim Ouellet.  Information HERE. 

Festival Mural

Fafi. Mural Festival. Photo Rachel Levine

Fafi. Mural Festival. Photo Rachel Levine

June 8 to June 18 2017

Taking inspiration from graffiti artists and under the banner of urban art/street art, Montreal allows an international crowd to paint our buildings. The result are some outstanding art works that spread from Place des Arts up to Mile End, each one hanging around for a few years before being replaced. Mort, Monosourcil, Kevin Ledo, Insa, Richard Cavolo, Ron English, Ruben Sanchez, and SbuOne will be among those given space to make great public art with spray paint. DJs and street culture generally mesh well with this one. There are even guided tours. Info HERE.

Italian Contemporary Film Festival

June 8 to June 16 2017

Cinemathque Quebecoise

If getting off the city streets and into a nice air conditioned movie theatre sounds like the best way to spend a day, check out this film festival celebrating Italian cinema. Highlights include Fiore, and Una Fiaba d’inverno. Info HERE. 

Montreal Grand Prix

June 9 to June 11 2017

Along with the Crescent crowd comes the rest of the Grand Prix. F1 Cars racing around the Gilles Villeneuve circuit for 70 laps to glory can be heard everywhere in the city. People buy tickets, though, and watch. Supposedly it’s exciting. At night, they go to Club La BOOM, Hotel 10, and Club Muzique to DJ it out. It’s supposedly a jet set event that bring tremendous revenue to the city. Most Montrealers restrict themselves to hearing the noise from the cars from anywhere downtown during the races. Perhaps I don’t run with the right international crowd. Info HERE.

Eureka Festival

June 9 to June 11 2017

Old Port Montreal

For those who like to geek out into all things science and natural wonder, and for those parents who want their kids to get a STEM degree, check out this science festival. The Eureka festival includes events of programming, workshops, and demonstration. More info can be found HERE.

Bloomsday festival

Kathleen Fee reading as Molly Bloom at the Irish Embassy Pub. Photo courtesy of Bloomsday Montréal.

Kathleen Fee reading as Molly Bloom at the Irish Embassy Pub. Photo courtesy of Bloomsday Montréal.

June 10-16 2017

James Joyce gets celebrated with lectures, readings, concerts, and speakers. Check out this cool lit festival. More info HERE. 

Festival Le Mondial de La Bière

40 and Famished. Photo Esther Szeben

Beer. 40 and Famished. Photo Esther Szeben

June 14 to June 18, 2017

Palais de Congres (201 Viger St; Place d’Armes metro)

Drink and be merry and get out your abacus. The festival’s numbers speak for themselves. Over 529 different beers, ciders, hydromels, and more products are available, with 250 new beers. Over 90 different breweries  will be offering you those amazing products (38 of which are from Quebec). If you like beer (or just want to get sloppy in the middle of the day while drinking a beer), this one is for you. Click HERE for details. Tasting coupons are $1, admission is free.

Montreal Folk Festival sur la Canal

June 14 to June 18 2017

I volunteered for this festival in its first year by the St. Ambroise brewery and have seen it grow ever since. It’s a chilled out chance to watch some more mellowed out music with an acoustic feel, even if it’s played on electric guitars. Think singer-songwriters and bands that like flannel. Plenty of locals step up and some of this year’s bigger names are Sarah Harmer and Donovan Woods. This year has a special tribute to Willie Nelson and Penny Lane. Tickets HERE.

L’Abri des Arts

June 17 to June 29 2017
Fréderic-Back Park

Artistic performances and a series of workshops around dance, circus, and theatre take over the park. Wander through and enjoy learning African Dance, circus arts, theatre, and plain old dance. Info HERE.  

Marché des Possibles

June 23 to August 13 2017

5635 St Dominique

It isn’t so much of a festival as a weekend market that combines vendors with food with drink with performances and events run by the POP Montreal crowd. The vibe is local and the offerings always delightful. Some weekends its yoga, some it is music. Info HERE.

Montreal Baroque Festival

June 22 to June 25 2017

Themed around Montreal’s circus history, Cirque Musical Circus is the theme at the Baroque festival. This year, the baroque festival makes sure the summer of music has its classier, more refined side — but certainly no less passionate. This year Purcell, Bach, and Boismortier are among those that will be played around the city. Concerts and tickets HERE.

Montreal International Jazz Festival

Groenland at Montreal's Jazz Festival Photo by Robyn Homeniuk

Groenland at Montreal’s Jazz Festival Photo by Robyn Homeniuk

June 28 to July 8 2017

It’s not exclusively jazz but it’s an anything goes kind of event with free programming and paid events that blow people away year after year. The main attractions this year are Kandace Springs, Men Without Hats, Bob Dylan, Aliocha. Wicked. Tickets and schedules HERE. 

Mtl en Arts

June 28 to July 2 2017

Multidisciplinary arts festival offers an open air art gallery along St. Catherine St. It has of course grown to include film, installations, live demonstrations, and much more. Details can be found HERE. 



June 27 to July 9 2017

The international digital art festival showcases artists and works that utilize new technologies. The festival has a Montreal focus, but an international vision. For more information, click HERE. 

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