You Need to Hear This: Shamir’s Ratchet is The Next Big Thing

shamir shamir


Bursting onto the music scene last year, the Las Vegas Native Shamir Bailey is an innovative artist to be reckoned with. His revolutionary sound is paralleled by his sparkling charisma that is inequitable to anything currently controlling the sound waves. Transcending labels with his naturalized androgynous flair he is the definition of a word not yet imagined. And his music? Oh his music is definatley something to get pumped about. Marketed as a dance-pop artist, it’s impossible not to tap your toes to the contagious beat pumped through every song. If you listen to his past work, potent hits such as On the Regular or Call it Off and you’ll be immediately attracted to the ecstatic energy radiating from this kids heart.

His debut album the first full length LP was released May 19 with a unique genre blending flair. Whether youre already a fan, or newly discovering this sassy artist its hard to find fault with his unparalleled flair and heart. Lyrically his music is both youthfully hilarious, “Don’t try me I’m not a free sample,” and thought provoking with a control beyond his years. He is scheduled to perform at Bar le Ritz on June 12.


His EP Northtown was released last year when Shamir was only 19. He knit hats for everyone at his label introducing his polarized personality to the world in more ways than one. The album speaks to his rural upbringing alongside the bright lights of Las Vegas. Both thrilling and relatable, the technical aspects of his new album Ratchet prove a lifelong passion for music only furthered by how awesome this guy is!

All the tracks are original and genre blending mixed with a perpetually bouncy beat that will get any room bumping. As a voice that truly collides all the things we never knew we needed, Shamir is almost definitely going to skyrocket to success. Advocating an era of strength in surpassing labels and committing to a universal love is more than admirable. I for one will be undeniably proud to promote him as a contributing voice of our generation. Normalizing a progressive air he brings back the badassery of difference. Unapologetically himself Shamir produces his unique and loving sound promoting happiness in all things. One listen to his many dance party classics and you’ll agree.

Purchase Ratchet here from XL Recordings. Shamir plays at Bar Le Ritz on June 12 at 9:30 p.m. $15/18