Is This Thing On? with Mike Carrozza: My First Time

My first experience producing and running a show

Mike Carrozza drinks milk Mike Carrozza. Photo Sarah Cotton.

Hello. It’s been a while. A lot has happened and a lot more is about to happen. On April 24th, the first ever Mike Carrozza Knows Everybody! variety show is happening at Theatre Ste Catherine (at 10:30pm. Join the event HERE!).

I am freaking out. Not really, but this is the first time in my four or five years (I can’t remember) of being a stand-up comedian that I have decided to produce a show of such magnitude.

Inspired by Paul F. Tompkins and my lifelong desire to be on Saturday Night Live, I have for the last little while been quite taken with the idea of a variety show. And now that I have some more time for myself and to organize things (due to some fortunate and unfortunate circumstances), I wanted to put together a monthly (fingers crossed) show that showcases multiple disciplines within this rich artistic community.

The show will have burlesque and drag performances, music, and of course, stand-up and sketch comedy. There will also be a panel discussion about the episode’s theme. This month’s theme is REVENGE! (And yes, I’m calling every show an episode.) All hosted by this guy. Me. I’m pointing at myself. I realize now that the whole thumb-pointing thing doesn’t really translate to text, so to make it up to you, here’s a picture of me pointing at myself with my thumbs:

mike carrozza


Alright, so: What have I learned so far? I love the idea that this is my name on this show. I love the idea that this is something that I am putting together and that I have selected these people to be a part of this show, that the material that I will be performing will have come from me or from friends working with me. I love having a platform to be able to say “Here’s who I love in this city and you should love them, too. Let’s have a blast.”

I hate organizing things though. But I’m doing alright. I might need to enlist some help for the next ones (fingers crossed).

That said, I feel INCREDIBLY LUCKY that the show’s lineup is as amazing as it is and that everything came together as it has. Alain Merceica at Theatre Ste Catherine told me that I could use the space for any weird thing I’d like to try and we worked out an amazing deal. All the acts that I wanted for this first episode were available right away and were keen to join.

For example:

Jakub Stachurski is one of my all time favourite comedians in the city and is one of the sharpest joke writers. He’s one of the first names that come to mind when anybody asks me for advice on who to book in the city because he’s such a sure shot.

The same goes for the other acts on the show (April May June, Prudence!, Lakes of Canada, Ladies and Gentlemen).

I really want all of you to see this show because I am already extremely proud of this event. I can’t wait for it to happen and hope this is just the beginning of a show that people will enjoy for maybe the next year or two. Who knows! Let’s have fun.



Mike Carrozza Knows Everybody takes place at the Theatre St. Catherine (264 St. Catherine E) on April 24 at 10:30 p.m. $10/5.

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  1. Might have to make it a Sunday matinee, in my case. If you start at 10 pm, what’s left of the day?

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