Kimchi and Comedy: the Stuff of Guts

chouette choucroute chouette choucroute

Lise Vigneault, renowned for Ladyfest/ Sketchfest, stints at the Wiggle Room, and numerous plays, also moonlights in a Montreal kitchen making Chouette Choucroute! However, her two gigs aren’t worlds apart as you might think. This talented actor, writer and comic whose bilingual comedy Depflies is soon to be picked up by CBC wants you to have a healthy gut (presumably to laugh your guts out).

A few years ago, Vigneault started making sauerkraut and kimchi, delicious crunchy natural probiotic-filled cabbage and peppery condiments that are fermented and guarantee the maintenance of healthy intestinal flora.

You may have heard a similar tune from other budding Montreal entrepreneurs. Depending on how you see it, God bless or curse to hell those friends who push us to do the unthinkable and go big, or at least, go to the market. Vigneault was encouraged to sell her foodstuffs to friends, then goaded into applying to the big holiday markets. She submitted her Chouette Choucroute to the SAT Souk and was accepted.

What ensued were periodic mass fermentation stints with her loyal friends who helped prep jars of mixed vegetables for the annual Souk and Puces Pop. Voila! Instant “side-hustle,” to quote Jacob Greco.

Pick up some of Vigneault’s belly-bettering sauerkraut or kimchi at the SAT Souk this week only. 500 mL jars are $14 or 3 for $40 and 250 mL jars are $8 or 3 for $20. The Souk takes place from November 25-29 at the SAT (1201 Blvd. Saint-Laurent). Wednesday-Friday 12 p.m. – 9 p.m, Saturday and Sunday 12 p.m. – 7 p.m. Details HERE. Free.

You can also catch Vigneault at one of her live performances: November 28 she will be in the Centaur as part of “Wake Up Sleeping Beauty!” as part of the Centaur Children’s Series and immediately after, she will high-tail it for the Souk. On December 5, her alter ego Kitty Vanderbuilt will be hosting at the Wiggle Room. The big item on her plate these days is not just cabbage, but a play, “Mauvais Gars,” celebrating the 5th anniversary of Theatre St. Catherine playing December 18 and 19 at the Theatre St. Catherine.