Review: Sufjan Stevens Sees Stars

sufjan stevens sufjan stevens

Carrie and Lowell

Are there perfected formulas for creating good music? I don’t really think so, but nevertheless Carrie and Lowell sounds like it will be a great release. The songs on the album (listen to some here seem to be soft, sweet, and like a hug for your ears.

My initial reactions to album are as follows: the songs are a great combination of soft singing that brings a happier heart. The acoustics of, what I presume is guitar, teaches listeners how to feel good with just a pair of headphones. In some of the songs there seems to be choral music or simply overlaid vocals; this helps to create an illusion of a large space within the songs.

Carrie and Lowell is haunting, yet so sweet and beautiful. I could see myself listening to the album during a nice long walk or an extra-tricky yoga session. From the songs I’ve heard, I give the album an A- (I haven’t listened to the whole album yet). I’m sure the album in its entirety will be fantastic.


Come listen to it, Montreal. Sufjan Stevens is coming to town on April 30 with Little Scream at Salle Wilfred Pelletier/Place des Arts (175 St. Catherine). $40/45.